Full Moon Atlas: Sector D-5
Central Mare Tranquillitatis

While Mare Tranquillitatis covers the great majority of this sector, parts of other lunar seas also make appearances here, including Mare Serenitatis (top left corner) and Mare Fecunditatis (bottom right corner). Two smaller bays, Sinus Amoris (top edge, right of center) and Sinus Asperitatis (bottom edge, left of center), also appear.

Nearly hidden in the lower left corner are three almost indistinct craters — Aldrin, Collins and Armstrong — named for the Apollo 11 astronauts. Look for neighboring craters Ritter and Sabine along the lower left edge, then move carefully toward the east to locate them; the Apollo 11 landing site, where Armstrong and Aldrin became the first men to set foot on the Moon, is slightly to the south of the commemorative craters. In addition, a small "sister crater" — Sabine C — was renamed for the legendary newsman and spaceflight advocate Walter Cronkite.

Moving your cursor over major geographical features in the photograph below will trigger identifying flags.
· When displayed, approximate crater diameters (in kilometers) are shown within parenthesis.
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