The Full Moon Atlas

Full Moon Atlas: Sector B-4
Northern Mare Serenitatis

The northern shores of Mare Serenitatis (along the lower center section of the photograph), with Lacus Somniorum (right of center) and Lacus Mortis (above center; Crater Bürg is located at its heart).

The large craters Aristoteles (upper left), Eudoxus (left of center) and Posidonius (lower right) are prominent in this region, as is the Montes Caucasus range (lower left). Slightly north of Posidonius' rim is Posidonius J, which was given the honorary designation Michael Joseph Jackson in July 2009 as a memorial to the legendary entertainer.

The extreme eastern sections of Mare Frigoris (upper left corner) and Mare Imbrium (bottom left corner) are also visible here.

Moving your cursor over major geographical features in the photograph below will trigger identifying flags.
· When displayed, approximate crater diameters (in kilometers) are shown within parenthesis.
· To move to an adjoining sector (when available), click on the direction indicator. For example, clicking on the "North" indicator moves you to the sector above the current one displayed.

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